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Since 2016 there is the online currency IOTA. IOTA is originally the smallest letter in the Greek alphabet, so far, this digital network seems to be the lowest common denominator in the future Internet of Things. It’s all about global transactions that are free of charge and with little power (computational overhead).

Iota has recently had a true track record, and the growing interest of traders led to a value of $ 12 billion at the end of 2017. Thus, the Iota Coin has become one of the most popular crypto currencies ever. IOTA is based on the so-called Tangle Ledger technology.

The system pursues a completely different approach than alternative online currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. Because the well-known Blockchain is not applied here. In detail, it is quite complex to the point, since all transactions in the network by so-called “directed acyclic graphs” are recorded. So that’s really something for absolute crypto experts.

For traders and investors, it is much more important that the technology’s transaction costs are significantly lower than other digital currency systems. It also promises fundamental benefits in scalability. However, there is one thing in common with Bitcoin: the number of Iota coins is also limited. However, not all tokens have yet to be elaborately mined. Rather, they were already created.

Above all, it should convince many investors that the Iota Foundation was already able to set foot in industry. There are co-operations with the German Telekom, Samsung and also Fujitsu, which promise a suitable technology in the Internet of things by Iota.

Buy IOTA via Binance

If you want to invest in real Iota Coins, you can use Binance. It is a Chinese crypto exchange that holds an extraordinary amount of online currencies. Iota is also represented here and can for example act against Bitcoin. So here you come to a real trading where you acquire the value yourself. This is possible via other online currencies, such as the aforementioned Bitcoin.


  • Top Exchange for crypto trading
  • Renowned provider
  • Simple trade also suitable for beginners
  • High security
  • Many cryptocurrencies


  • Deposits not possible in euros or US dollars
  • Wallet is needed

Theoretically, one can simply speak of an Iota purchase, which is completed on this stock exchange. Since this is an exchange, access to it will only be possible with digital coins. But first of all for registration.

Step 1: The registration

At the top of the screen you will find a menu item “Register”. In the form that appears, you enter your e-mail address, select and confirm a password and have the optimal option of specifying a referral ID. If you then accept the terms of use of Binance, you can start the registration already.

After confirming the captcha query you will receive a message that an e-mail has been sent to the registered e-mail address.

Further information will be given in this mail. If you find no message in his mailbox, then you should make sure once again whether the address was the right one and whether the message did not end up in the spam or junk mail folder.

Step 2: Set up 2 factors authentication

Once the e-mail address has been confirmed, you will be redirected back to the platform and can read and accept some safety instructions. After completing the first step of the enrollment, you will be able to contribute your own part to the overall security by setting up the 2 factors authentication. In order to confirm transactions and registrations, it is strongly recommended that you use an additional sign-up step.

This works either through the Google Authenticator or by sending an SMS and entering the appropriate code. This avoids the fact that third parties can access the Binance account without being asked only by the password. Hacker and cheater life is so difficult and users can calm down the daily iota trading dedicated.

Step 3: Deposit with cryptocurrencies

Finally, the trader should be ready for the deposit. If you expect credit cards and transfers at this point, you will experience a little blue wonder. Since this is a crypto exchange, you will only be able to deposit digital values. The list of supported online currencies is long, but if you do not have a coin, you do not have to worry about signing up with Binance.

But if you have deposited one or the other coin in your wallet, then you can select exactly these in the list of currencies. Binance will display the digital address to which the desired balance must be sent. This address can be easily copied and then used in your own wallet to send the coins. It may take a while for this transaction to be confirmed. However, this depends entirely on the corresponding network.

Step 4: Trade IOTA in the currency pair with Bitcoin

If the deposit is completed, then you can finally dedicate yourself to Iota trading. Since there is only the currency pair Iota-Bitcoin, you must first buy exactly this currency, unless you have paid them. At Binance Bitcoin is therefore the most important entry value for trading with iota. After the successful trade, Iota can of course also be paid into the corresponding wallet.

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