What is ZAP Coin ?

The Zap Coin is a cryptocurrency, which can be used in the “Zap Store”. According to this, the company advertises that it is possible to create, publish and use services within the shop. It follows the principle of smart contracts, which helps to run the information exchange decentralized, which ultimately generates benefits for the developer and the user. In this article, the question is clarified, what is special about this project and whether the whole thing is suitable to deal with it in more detail. Thus, all sorts of information will be delivered, which will ultimately give you a good overview of the Zap Coin.

Facts and figures – as of 04/11/2018

The market capitalization is $ 2,665,439, while a trading volume of $ 15,340 has been achieved within the last 24 hours. This means that Zap Coins have been sold or sold within this time, for a total value of $ 15,340 USD. The number of coins in circulation is currently 128,612,535 zap coins. At the same time, a total of 520,000,000 coins are available.

The stated values ​​reveal a price of $ 0.020725 per Coin. In addition, this cryptocurrency reached the 667th place on the comparison portal “coinmarketcap.com”. However, it should be noted that only the key figures mentioned above have been evaluated, with a particular focus on market capitalization. The project itself, which is being pursued by the company, finds no mention of why the placement itself does not give a differentiated conclusion on whether the cryptocurrency represents a suitable investment opportunity.

Who is responsible for this cryptocurrency and what are the goals?

The founder of Zap Coin is named Nick Spanos. In addition, you can find additional names on the Zap Coins official website www.zap.store, which are part of the entire company’s team. One quickly notices that different expertise comes together. Also listed are some consultants, including, for example, “Dwayne Campbell”, who is employed by Goldman Sachs. The goal of the whole project is that you want to establish a broad service, which makes it possible to publish your own apps and offer apps from developers to use and accordingly to buy.

The idea, which makes the whole thing extraordinary and different from normal services, is that this project is decentralized and business is based on smart contracts only. This means that no third party can monitor the whole process and has their fingers involved. In addition, the use of smart contracts will ensure maximum security, as they will only automatically perform services once a consideration has been met. Thus, at least in theory, this system prevents any kind of fraud.

Special features of the Zap Coin

The project as well as the idea are unique and are not yet widely used in this sense. Because of this, there are numerous peculiarities that should be researched in advance even exactly. Basically, however, it stands out, for example, that you can search the platform for exactly the services you really need. Thus, for example, you can search for specific flight ticket information in order to find out for yourself the best possible result, which is currently offered. In addition, another peculiarity is that you can put a reward if you can not find what you want to make it as fast as possible.

Usefull links :

Their Website : Zap.org

Where to buy :  HitBTC.com and/or Cryptopia.co.nz

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