Sweatcoin: This App Gifts You iPhone Xs For Walking

To go running and be paid for it? The app Sweatcoin makes it possible. While health insurance companies are considering how to get their members fitter, a British app puts it where it’s fun: at bonuses.

App UI

When Sweatcoin launched in 2017, nobody could predict the success of the free fitness app. Within a short time, it was the most downloaded app in the US. The principle is simple: If you move, you get “Sweatcoins”. He can then convert these into bonuses in the app shop, which also deals with the subject of fitness. Thus, Sweatcoins can be used e.g. Redeem in a Fitbit, sports shoes or for a paid nutritional app. Moans should be lured so from the couch outside to move more. Sounds quite good or does the thing have a catch? Yes.

Collect Sweatcoins

The Sweatcoin app registers the completed steps via GPS. However, only the activities outside are counted. So if you are, for example, Sweating in the gym or doing yoga at home does not give you any collection points. And the Sweatcoin algorithm is merciless. So that no one can cheat and, for example, his mobile phone is tied to his dog, on average only 65% ​​of the steps are verified. In addition, Sweatcoin retains a small percentage of the steps to self-finance. So you pay almost the mediation of the premiums with your steps. The whole system is not really transparent. Why many steps are missing in the calculation is never clear. Users regularly complain about the lousy algorithm that simply swallows activities. So it can be e.g. happen that steps are not counted if you walk too slowly. Parents who go for a walk with their children are considered inactive. Even those who move normally outside can become victims of the algorithm. Who says that you REALLY moved yourself?

Exchange Sweatcoins

It can all be frustrating. The typical moan of movement has probably already given up at this point. If you are always on the road anyway, you could manage to get a bonus for yourself. This is financed by Sweatcoin. If you exchange a bonus, Sweatcoin receives money from the manufacturer. Before that, the premiums are pure advertising. And that does not stay forever in the app. Regular bonuses are exchanged. So if you have a Fitbit in mind and start saving Sweatcoins at the start, you may experience a nasty surprise when you finally have enough coins ready for the exchange. Because then the premium probably will not exist anymore. Advertise, activate enough users, get paid by the manufacturers – that is the real principle of Sweatcoin. Now the app does not sound so much more attractive. In addition, Sweatcoin collects a lot of data about user behavior and locations. These data are worth a lot. If it comes to a sale of the app, the data, of course, go with – maybe a large corporation.

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