The Best Cryptocurrencies For HODL’n For Passive Income

Last updated: 13 November 2018

The Kryptonier camp is still split into two camps: Trader and HODL’er.

  1. The day traders who buy one or more coins cheaply and sell them more expensive within one day
  2. The HODLers who buy one or more coins and hold them long term to be able to live off the return

We at WorthOfCrypto have been working on these two variants for several years now. I would like to share our experience with HODLing in this article.

So hopefully you will also find coins that will give you a passive income through the dividends.

But what are dividends? Is it different from the well-known dividends from the Forex market?

What Are Crypto Dividends?

The dividend is, by definition, an annual profit distribution of public limited companies to their shareholders. This means that each year, companies distribute part of their profits to shareholders. The amount of the dividend will be decided at the Annual General Meeting. One day later, the dividend is usually distributed to investors.

It’s actually similar in the Crypto world. There is simply paid a share of the corresponding number of coins.

Two Ways To Get Dividends

Unlike the dividends in the Forex market, each development team behind a Cryptocurrency decides its own course of action. The developers eventually build their own regulations and regulations and are not subject to any legal guidelines.

The two most common ways to pay dividends are:

  • HOLDing – Buy and keep a currency in your own wallet
  • Staking – Keeping a proof-of-stake (POS) Coin in a special wallet

Below is a list of coins that we believe will continue to pay dividends in future based on these dividend options.

List Of Dividends Cryptocurrencies For Residual Income

1.Aphelion Coin

Aphelion has experienced a veritable hype in recent months. Currently, NEO is considered the Chinese Ethereum, which promises incredible potential.

Aphelion not only has its own DEX, but also a token called Aphelion. APH is paid as a dividend on holding APH in their DEX, when you commit.

Aphelion does not function like a hosted exchange, as a result, the company never holds onto a user’s tokens or crypto assets. The platform is completely open source-based and utilizes a decentralized framework.

Where to buy?

Buy Aphelion Coin(APH) on Kucoin ,at the moment the trading pairs are  APH / BTC or APH / ETH. Price is just at $ 0.05, while market capitalization is just as tiny as $ 2.000.000.


The KuCoin Shares Token (KCS) – is the Cryptocurrency of the KuCoin Shares Stock Exchange. It’s not just a tradable token. Keeping the token while trading various Cryptocurrencies on the exchange has several advantages. The KCS Token pays the owner a dividend every day and lowers the trading fees.(30.000 KCS = 30% Trading fees reduction)

To know how much you would get for 1000 KCS, visit this website.Today (03/11/2018) for 1.000 KCS you get 0.33827 KCS/Day, which is about 0.37746 USD on a daily basis.30 Days->$11.7 and 1 year = $137.80. That´s huge if you ask me, just consider the fact that your KCS is stacking itself and at the moment the price is just at $1.12/KCS, thats 1/30 of its peak price.


NEO has experienced a veritable hype in recent months. Currently, NEO is considered the Chinese Ethereum, which promises incredible potential.

NEO not only has its own blockchain, but also a token called GAS. GAS is paid as a dividend on holding NEO in the form of proof-of-stake on a wallet that supports GAS.

If you want to calculate how much NEO you need for a specific amount of earnings, check out NeoToGas.

The quickest and easiest way to get NEO and earn GAS is to visit Kucoin or Binance and buy your desired amount. Binance does not payout Gas on a daily basis so don´t be afraid if you wake up and your GAS hasn´t arrived yet, but Kucoin pays Gas on a daily basis. Binance has a Telegram account for announcements, check it out

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