Win 15.000 Nash Coins and BTC worth $35.000

Right now the team behind offers a unique chance to win big prices in Bitcoins + Nash.

U.S. are also eligible to take part in this giveaway.

Overall the price pool is about: $100.000 Bitcoin + 46.000 Nash

By the way, the 46.000 Nash Coins are actually worth + $102k as of today.

To be able to Sign-Up for the price pool, you need a Nash Referral Code or Link.

Nash Referral Code: 2ZvxQh

So why should you Join the giveaway and use this Link to be able to Sign-Up?

Because it is completely free + when they launch their DEX and you win the 15k Nash Coins, you will get passive income depending on the monthly trading volume of NASH Exchange.

Okay, how much passive income can you actually get, when we make a conservative calculation.

Binance has a monthly trading volume of 60 billion USD, let us say, that NASH Exchange will have only 10% of their monthly trading volume and trading fees are at (very low) : 0.11 %

Using this calculator, with a MONTHLY trading volume of 6 billion USD you would get $1.485/month, annually: $ 17.820 FOR LITERALLY DOING NOTHING.

Even if you don´t win the main price, there are still 33 BIG prices to win and the least what you could win is Bitcoin worth $1.000 + 500 NASH. Awesome, isn´t it? And to be honest, price right now is at + $2, imagine when they launch the Exchange. Price could easily go + $10 and your 500 Nash is worth $5.000 + passive income. And for the lucky winner of the 15.000 Nash he would have $150.000.

Impressed? I am as well. So, what are you waiting for? Sign-Up Here

Follow this Link or type in this code: 2ZvxQh , when you sign-up

Here is a sneak peek of NASH Exchange UI:

so beautiful…

You should not miss out this chance. The giveaway ends at 18:00 UTC, 26 December 2019.

Official links about NASH exchange

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