How To Get Free Bitcoins in 2019

Below I will explain to you, how you can get free bitcoins in 2019. Fast. Easy. Safe.

Bitcoin´s price is peaking and the hype around Bitcoin is building up again. More and more (new) people get to know Bitcoin and they want to try out how Bitcoin actually is without buying it immediately. For this reason, I have created this post, so I show you how to get Bitcoins free without spending any money and actually earning good money from it.

The Site is called:

Facts about them. The Site is online since 2013 and it´s running til this day. There hasn´t been any negative feedbacks about them since their creation. Many of such sites have been online since, but hardly any of them held through until today. Here are some stats.

Impressive stats I would say, +21.000.000 reg. users and someone just won 4,5k BTC.

Look how many options the site offers to get Free Bitcoins.

“Free BTC” allows you to get Free Bitcoins every 60 minutes.

You draw a number from 1 to 10,000 and depending on which number you have drawn you get your Free Bitcoins.

“Multiply BTC” lets multiply your bitcoins up to 4,750x by playing a HI-LO game! Read below the exact rules

“BETTING” nearly the same as “Multiply BTC”, but with the difference that you bet on real world events.

Pretty decent events they run and the price pool is very high.

The next one is “Golden Ticket” (possible to win Lamborghini Huracan), for this I have covered a own post, check out here.

“Earn BTC”, it has a feature like you a Bank, you get a 4.08% interest rate on your BTC holdings in your wallet. Payout is daily, interest rate daily: 0.0109589% per day and rounded down to the nearest satoshi.

They even have a calculator. Check the picture below.

“Lottery”, just participate in their weekly lottery draw and you might win big prices.

And the last feature is called the “Contest”.

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