Beginner’s Guide to HoneyMiner: Complete Review

If you are first stepping into the world of cryptocurrency, you’d want to find a nice (and most probably easy) way on how to get some coins of your choice! And aside from the typical practice of buying or trading some cryptocurrency with your fiat money, chances are, you would find yourself asking “what if I mine some coins myself”?

Which may be a sound and effective idea to get some coins in return! The problem is that it may be a very costly venture to get into. Aside from the very expensive purchase (and maintenance) of your mining gear,  the difficulty level on trying to find a reasonable amount of cryptocurrency through this approach is really high. 

It just doesn’t add up!  You would normally expect that the more time and resources you spend in a business venture, the higher the chance of better returns and the like.

But like as it is in anything to do with cryptocurrency, everything is volatile. A single misstep or a slight nudge in movement may make or break your investments. And this is why, if you are really interested in mining, is that you may want to consider HoneyMiner.

Mining in my Computer? Is that Even Possible? With HoneyMiner, It Is!

What exactly is HoneyMiner? Conventional cryptocurrency mining would mean you using up heavy resources of computing power to get those sought-after coins. But with HoneyMiner, you basically remove the complicated and taxing step of setting up a mining rig. This time around, everything is in your computer (as basic as that is)!

It’s actually an innovative and groundbreaking approach on the concept of cryptocurrency mining (we do have to wonder why this wasn’t introduced in the first place!). 

Essentially, HoneyMiner allows you to experience what mining is without the hardcore investment on often expensive ASICS and mining rigs. But do take note (and considering your own personal computing power), that the HoneyMiner approach wouldn’t give you the expected returns as those heavy mining setups, But still, it’s a nice approach in mining – and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, both for your wallet and actual setup of rigs.

So, What is HoneyMiner?

Simply put, HoneyMiner is a software application that you install on your chosen computer. No need to setup other graphic cards or complicated stuff. All it takes is a simple software installation to get those coins rolling into your wallet.

The HoneyMiner Process: Bringing Some Easy Cryptocurrency Honey to Your Wallet

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Let us break it down even further. Here’s a brief overview on how this nifty application works for your benefit:

  1. You sign up for a HoneyMiner account.
  2. You then join the really helpful HoneyMiner community.
  3. If you need help, simply ask from the fine folks in that community.
  4. You now install and setup the HoneyMiner application on your chosen computer (it can even be a laptop, or an old computer).
  5. That chosen device of yours then shares its CPU and GPU power.
  6. Your chosen device and all those that belong in the HoneyMiner community share resources to both mine select coins and contribute to the blockchain(s).
  7. Depending on how much power your chosen device has generated and contributed to the HoneyMiner mining process, HoneyMiner will now then convert those coins mined into BTC.
  8. Your BTC will now be transferred to your account.

It’s as simple as it gets. You simply run the HoneyMiner application in the background and wait for those BTCs to appear in your wallet!

HoneyMiner Mining Process: Points to Consider

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Seeing how simple (yet detailed) the HoneyMiner process is, let us also shed some light on some innovative features that the brand has ingrained into the entire flow:

The More Power You Contribute, The Higher the Expected Returns

Similar to conventional cryptocurrency mining, HoneyMiner rewards individuals who contribute a larger share of power into the mining pool with a bigger return in BTC. Granted, it isn’t as big as typical mining practices. But it’s a nice approach in creating a fair and transparent (and perhaps even fun) environment to actually be part of!

Mining Different Coins for BTC

Honeyminer actually computes the best cryptocurrency that the entire mining pool will invest their energy in getting. It’s more of a background choice that the developers will know about. But do take this as a nice approach – you’re still getting some easy BTCs (even for small fractions) for simply allowing the pool to access your chosen computer’s power!

Evolving Towards Better Rewards

The HoneyMiner community is composed of smart, witty, and active cryptocurrency individuals. The entire HoneyMiner process was made by not only by the founders. Feedback and comments from the community are always noted to further enhance the system – it is this level of trust that makes this application a trusted means to earn some cryptocurrency in the long run!

If there’s one thing that truly makes HoneyMiner is not it isn’t only an easy way to experience cryptocurrency mining, The community that backs this program shows so much promise – do expect more exciting features in this group in the future!

How Do You Set Up HoneyMiner in Your Computer?

honeyminer review

So, how do you setup this nice cryptocurrency mining software in your computer? Check out these easy steps!

  1. Create an account on
  2. Download the HoneyMiner program.
  3. Install the HoneyMiner program.
  4. Run the HoneyMiner program.
  5. The login credentials that you’ve used when creating your HoneyMiner account will work as well on the program you’ve downloaded.
  6. As long as your HoneyMiner account runs, you’ll be contributing to the HoneyMiner mining pool.

Simple, right?

Safety First: How Secure is HoneyMiner?

Another cool and really important facet that HoneyMiner has to offer you is that it truly prioritizes safety. In fact, several safety protocols have been set up in place to safeguard both your information and coins. Let us find out more about these features below:

SSL is the Way to Go

HoneyMiner abides in security by making use of Secure Sockets Layers (SSL). Aside from this tried-and-tested industry and security standard, HoneyMiner also incorporates several (and highly aggressive) layers of encryption so that nothing gets through their servers. It is anonymous and a shielded effort that you deserve in making use of their software application!

Authenticated as You Like It

HoneyMiner also incorporates a 2-factor authentication system to make sure your account is safe from harm. Aside from this, the brand also highlights its very strict password policies (you just can’t make your password a really easy to remember one!), login monitoring (especially those accounts that just seem to login and logoff constantly), and smart session monitoring (which doesn’t even bother you while the system’s running on your chosen computer).

Cold Storage for Maximum Protection

HoneyMiner makes sure that every digital asset that its users have are kept safely in cold wallet storage. This assures you that in the event of an online attack of threat that your hard-earned coins are safe from harm.

In the Code We Live

The prime highlight behind HoneyMiner’s stringent focus on security. By checking each and every line of code that powers the application (and through constant audit sessions), HoneyMiner makes sure that there is no malicious thread inserted in the powerhouse that moves the mining pool.

For a simple-to-use software application, security is of the highest standard!

More Honey for Your Referrals: More About the HoneyMiner Referral System

Aside from offering you and other users of an easier way to mine for cryptocurrencies, HoneyMiner actually does implement another cool way to earn some BTCs. And it’s even easier than having a program run on your computer! Let’s break down this really awesome and rewarding process:

  1. Upon setting up a HoneyMiner account, you will also have the option in setting up a referral link as well.
  2. The referral link can be shared on your social media networks or via email.
  3. Users that signup through your referral link allows you to earn a share from the commissions that HoneyMiner earns.

In fact, you earn 1,000 Satoshis when a person signs up and installs the HoneyMiner application through your link!

And it doesn’t stop there. The HoneyMiner referral system program also follows a tiered reward flow:

  • HoneyMiner Tier 1 Referrals – these are the people who signed up and installed for a HoneyMiner account through your referral link. Through these individuals, you stand to earn 10% of HoneyMiner’s commission shares!
  • HoneyMiner Tier 2 Referrals – if the people you referred also shared their own referral link, the individuals they signed up and installed a HoneyMiner application allows you to earn 5% of HoneyMiner commission shares!

Real easy and rewarding – it really is sweet as honey with HoneyMiner! 

Sweet Cryptocurrency Goodness: Other Essential HoneyMiner Information You May Want to Know About

honeyminer review

Here, we are sharing miscellaneous (yet still awesome) HoneyMiner information that you may want to know about the program:

HoneyMiner Earning Potential

This all depends on the power of your chosen computer. Additionally, the standard HoneyMiner application offers the power of approximately one GPU. So, just to paint a clearer picture, you’re bound to earn a rough figure of $1 to $3 with this nice cryptocurrency mining software. 

However, if you want more GPU power, HoneyMiner does have a pretty cool solution. Read on more below…

All About Hotel Honey

HoneyMiner also offers a real nice GPU power access for those who want to get in deeper on cryptocurrency mining. Dubbed as Hotel Honey, users can choose from several hashpower options to maximize their mining (and cryptocurrency returns) potential.

What’s nice about this is that you still do not need to install any heavy gear in your devices. This cool powerup of a feature does come in these options:

  • 25 MH/s – $66 (3 months) or $129 (6 months)
  • 250 MH/s – $660 (3 months) or $1,254 (6 months)
  • 2500 MH/s – $6,270 (3 months) or $12,210 (6 months)

Hot Tip: depending on which option you choose, paying in BTC offers some nice discounts!

Is it All About BTC?

Considering that we did mention that HoneyMiner chooses the most profitable cryptocurrency coin to mine earlier, you may have this idea that you can have lots of altcoins in your account!

But at this point, HoneyMiner simply converts these altcoins to BTC. However, and considering the really active engagement in the HoneyMiner community, we may be seeing a wide variety of choices in the future. So sign up today to reap some early rewards!

How Does HoneyMiner Earn?

Also, you may be thinking how this awesome brand earns revenue (considering that the program is free to download!). Well, HoneyMiner does take a cut out of the coins that you earn. But let us assure you that it’s a fair one! Check this out:

  • 1 GPU – HoneyMiner fee is set at 8%.
  • 2 GPUs and Up – HoneyMiner fee is set at 2.5%.

Now, that’s a fair trade. Developers need to keep the entire system up and running, anyway. And the fees aren’t even high, considering it’s just a background run on your computer!

Cryptocurrency Mining Can be as Sweet as Honey with HoneyMiner

honeyminer logo

What’s there more to say about this really awesome service? It’s innovative enough that even users with basic computers get a nice position on cryptocurrency mining. It’s as easy as it gets since it doesn’t involve complicated technical prowess to make mining work. And it offers a fun outlook (and understanding) on why BTC is such a hot topic and product to be in.

We also want to cap this article off by saying the HoneyMiner team does a great job in creating an otherwise complicated process to tackle into a simple one. Isn’t this what we all cryptocurrency enthusiasts aim for? By making the entire process flow as smooth as silk, we can expect more users to join. And with more people taking an active part in this cryptocurrency venture, more doors towards BTC (and even other altcoins) adoption is on the horizon. Sign up today and experience this sweet take on mining!

3 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to HoneyMiner: Complete Review”

  1. I have give the Honey-Miner a try, because I have a very expensive MSI gaming laptop, bought new for 2700 euro.
    CPU: Intel Core i7-6820HK, 4 Cores, 8 Threads @ 2.72 GHz
    Grpahics: GeForce GTX 980M/PCIe/SSE2
    Cinebench benchmark: CPU 719 cb, OpenGL 104fps.
    I had Honey-Miner running for 24 hours and after some minutes it mined a very, very small amount of just one dollar cent.
    The result after running your fast laptop for 24 hours: I have mined USD 0.01.
    In a year you will own USD 3.65 and have to pay USD 365.00 for consuming energy!
    Another problem with the app, it lost my password after one day, I was not able to access my account anymore, so have send a “forget password” request. Actually, I didn’t forget my password but Honey-Miner did…
    When I click the link in the email to reset my password, I get the message that I’ve been banned from the website for a while, not any idea why and for how long.
    So I wasn’t able to withdraw my USD 0.01 to my bitcoin wallet.
    Not that big lost, but I did never see a funny fake app like this!
    Personally, I don’t like mining bitcoins in a pool with people who like to use my fast laptop in their network for mining their bitcoins in without paying for it!


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