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Last Updated: 16/11/2018

Among the crypto coins á la Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Co. Ripple plays a special role. While the common cyber-currencies strive for a transparent monetary system that is free from state control, Ripple works together with banks and enables them to make inexpensive transfers within seconds – even abroad.


Product recommendation: With Plus500 you can easily deposit via Paypal and credit card, open an account in 15 minutes. Below we’ll tell you what makes buying Ripple through a CFD broker so special, why investing in Ripple so exciting and what other opportunities you have to participate in the Ripple course.


Ripple, the third largest online currency after market capitalisation, is trying to reconcile itself with the banks. Ripple could be of interest to anyone who wants to use the advantages of digital money without rebelling against the current system. Ripple is initially an open source protocol for a payment network. The underlying crypto currency is the XRP token, which is often referred to as a ripple. These coins have all already been emitted, i.e. no new ripples are generated by a mining process.

In the group of crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Co. Ripple has an outsider role. While the common cyber-currencies strive for a transparent monetary system that is free from state control, Ripple works with banks to enable them to transfer money cheaply and in seconds – even abroad. The aim of the “blockchain for banks”, as the Ripple is also called, is to assert itself as a separate foreign exchange market and peer-to-peer payment method. Among those fans of crypto money who attach particular importance to anonymity and independence, Ripple is therefore regarded as the world’s most unpopular digital currency. However, this is not reflected in market capitalization: since Ripple is very popular among financial institutions, it occupies one of the leading positions among cryptocurrencies. Therefore a closer view is worthwhile itself for investors.


Due to the increasing popularity of crypto currencies, more and more traders are offering trading products based on these underlying assets. In the field of online trading, CFDs are now also available on ripple, for example from AvaTrade. In CFD trading, investors do not have any coins, files or tokens – unlike when buying Ripple directly. They can imagine a Ripple CFD as a security: Investors participate directly in the development of the price, but do not own Ripple physically.

For example, if you want to trade Ripple as a CFD, you can use Plus500. Plus500 also offers a credit card and PayPal deposit, as well as a very fast account opening without Postident.

Of course, you can also use any other CFD broker of your choice. Our CFD Broker Comparison and our Crypto Broker Comparison support you in your search for the right provider.

Tip: While a direct purchase of Ripple is suitable for investors who want to make long-term investments or pay with the digital currency, CFDs are suitable for those who want to speculate on the price of digital currencies. In addition, CFDs offer investors the opportunity to bet on both rising and falling prices of an underlying asset.


If you want to buy Ripple, it is best to open an account with one of the various payment service providers such as bitfinex, Kraken or bitstamp. After paying the corresponding amount of money (e.g. by bank transfer or credit card) you can now purchase Ripple Coins. The corresponding account balance is then stored in the network and the owner can sell the cyber currency at any time and have the credit paid out to his private account.


A wallet is an electronic wallet that can be compared to a current account: with a wallet you can make transfers and receive digital money. The fees for this are usually very low. For those who do not want to leave their coins on the Exchange, there is the possibility of using the online wallet, for example from Gatehub. This provider is also recommended by Ripple itself, but of course everyone is free to choose where they store their crypto currencies. To register, you need to enter a mail address and a password.

For users who are concerned that Exchangers or Online Wallets could be attacked by hackers, there is the possibility of using the Desktop Wallet Rippex. This is a complete desktop client for Ripple.

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