Best Bitcoin Exchanges of 2019

What makes a good stock market? Meanwhile, the various providers sprout almost from the ground like the digital coins themselves. Since it is not just easy to keep track of the dealer’s view. The platforms carry names like Binance, Kraken or Bitfinex. WoC(WorthOfCrypto) has therefore examined what it has with the different offers on it and what coins and services to expect from the respective providers. In addition, the question is to be clarified, what is needed for such a crypto exchange and what alternative forms of trading or buying exist.

In any case, it is clear that the crypto world has made an enormous leap in no time at all. Until just a few years ago, nobody would have been able to imagine what dimensions the market would reach. The fact that there is space for a variety of Bitcoin Exchanges, is therefore due to an amazing development, which now leads to a central role of the crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin Exchanges – Tests and Testimonials

  1. Binance
  2. KuCoin
  3. Bittrex
  4. Coinbase

8 of the Best Bitcoin Exchanges To Try In 2018


The Exchange Binance is actually a pure Crypto Exchange. Here are covered a variety of coins. There is talk of the big market leaders Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Litecoin up to unknown values. It’s a big plus for the company to cover a large portfolio of online currencies. In total, over 100 digital currencies are tradable in this way. In fact, by international comparison, there is hardly an Exchange that can match the range of Binance. However, it should also be mentioned that here you can not make a regular deposit with the help of credit cards in euros or dollars. So you have to use your crypto money to recharge the credit for trading on the site.


  • Established offers
  • Many online currencies tradable
  • Very beginnerfriendly
  • Clear application
  • It´s a pure Crypto Exchange
  • Very good safety measures against fraud attempts
  • 2FA and SMS option for account security against “hacking”
  • iOS and Android App available


  • At the moment no fiat payments


The Chinese Exchange KuCoin is based in Hong Kong. Only since mid-August 2017, the page is ever live. For many, the exchange is especially interesting because it offers coins that are not offered on the other major exchanges. In return, KuCoin actually does not have many of the very big old coins (such as IOTA) traded on other platforms.

On KuCoin more than 100, mostly smaller, coins are traded. These include Red Pulse, PAY (TenX), Qlink, Nano and many more. Most of the coins traded on KuCoin can be traded against Bitcoin or Ethereum. In addition, individual cryptos can also be traded against NEO, USDT (tether), KCS (KuCoin Shares) and Bitcoin Cash.


  • Very low trading fees and on top you can get up-to 30% if you own KCS 
  • Always trading competitions running
  • iOS and Android App
  • 2FA increases security 
  • They have their own coin-> Bittrex

    Bittrex is one of my Best Bitcoin Exchanges since 2017, because of it has a clean design and a very easy usability. 

    Bittrex is probably the best-known Cryptocoin Stock Exchange, which can boast a huge selection of Altcoins. There are now more than 190 crypto Currencies that can be traded on the platform. No other Cryptocoin stock exchange has such a large selection, as the more than 190 crypto currencies make up almost a quarter of the total market. Bittrex is based in the United States and not only provides customers with numerous trading currencies, but also current ones Courses on over 190 Cryptocoins. In our review, we’ve looked more closely at Bittrex’s offer so you can assess the Cryptocoin Broker as well as possible and help decide whether to choose this stock exchange or a competitor.


    • Good liquidity
    • Has USD Tading Pairs(Fiat payment)
    • Also many smaller coins tradable
    • Simple and good trading platform


    • No App available
    • Very slowly adding new Coins

    This list will be updated on a weekly basis, we first have to test out the exchanges.

    Unfortunately, I often see that many websites suggest Etoro and Virwox to newbies. Please Crypto lovers, the only reason these trading pages are suggested to you is because these people get a high commission for each user who clicks on the links and sign-up in there. These two sites are really not good for trading and keeping Cryptocurrencies.


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