Earn Bitcoins In 10 Ways

There are countless many different ways to make money on the Internet. One way is to collect Bitcoins. The nice thing about it is that the whole thing is absolutely free, fast and possible without much effort. Therefore we would like to introduce you here some Internet sides with which you can get small Bitcoin amounts free of charge. The mentioned Bitcoin providers were tested by us over several months.

And the most important thing: You really pay out the earned Bitcoins (can be proven by us). Unfortunately, you will always find providers on the Internet who do not pay out the collected amounts. So always inform first on the Internet. On our blog, we will keep you up to date and inform you if a Bitcoin collector suddenly no longer pays out. So check our blog from time to time.

  1. Bitcoin Faucets

What is a Faucet ?

In the area of cryptocurrencies, a faucet is a website that gives away Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins or other coins for free. Yes, you have read correctly there are free Bitcoins! The basic idea is to open the market and the acceptance for the cryptocurrencies. For this purpose, you have to enter your crypto coin address on the website or register as a user. As known from Paid4, most Faucets set so-called minimum payout limits. Of course, you don’t get large amounts, rather pennies – water droplets…