Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Invest in Right Now [2020]

The future is bright for cryptocurrencies in 2020. With interest on both coins and the blockchain technology behind it, more and more individuals and industries are now realizing the potential of integration. Although actual and massive adoption may still be a pipe dream in some areas around the globe, the main highlight that cryptocurrencies bring to the plate would be it being as a viable investment.

Yes, it’s all about HODL. And with that said, let us check on some of the best coins to invest and learn more about.


Never forget how massive Bitcoin’s reach is. As the coin that started it all, this cryptocurrency has gone through a really colorful history these past few years. And come 2020, the buzz remains (and is expected to grow continuously). 

As the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies, you can be sure to get a lot out of investing on some BTCs. But more than it’s viral potential, BTC is actually considered as one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in the scene. Buying as well some of the coins is fairly easy – most (if not all) exchanges offers BTC.

Besides, don’t make the mistake of getting into this giant of a cryptocurrencies. Early HODLers can attest to the rewarding experience of having some BTCs in your wallet. It is what it is – BTC rises and rises!


What makes Ethereum a good cryptocurrency to invest in is its focus on its blockchain developer community. Focusing on the apps that can be made out of the ETH blockchain (and the innovative use of smart contracts), an actual user case scenario’s brewing in this coin!

Considered as a pioneer in decentralized applications, ETH makes use of the many potentials of both blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has to offer. Scaling, of course, may be a key problem that turns off cryptocurrency enthusiasts on this coin. But, as it is in the cryptocurrency industry, stay bullish and HODL. You never know when the tide will bring in favorable results for this coin!

Speaking of the tide bringing in wonderful delights, do make sure to check out big stuff happening with ETH on January 2020. With Ethereum 2.0 coming up, expect new and amazing features in the platform – primarily, a Proof of Stake for the network! That’s more than enough reason to see a spike in this coin’s price in the next few weeks!


More than being the native token of the Binance platform/exchange, this cryptocurrency’s main reason for being a good coin to invest in is its high potential to grow. And we’re not only talking about the reach its main platform is integrating (internal regulation, incubation, charity focus, just to name a few). 

The biggest reason on why you ought to invest in Binance as early as today is the value of each token has for users. Approximately every quarter, the platform uses around 20% of its profit to purchase back BNB. Doing so creates scarcity. And with the now-limited number of BNB out in the market, its value increases. This process goes on until the platform buys back 50% of the coins in the market.

Now, isn’t that a really amazing reason to invest and HODL? Increased value because of scarcity – a really innovative method!


Stellar was (and still is) a hit when it was first launched in the industry. So why should you invest in this coin with a unique blockchain architecture that allows others to create their own tokens in it (and subsequently, their own ICOs)?

Simple – Stellar has continuously reached out to major organizations for partnerships and the like. With big names such as IBM, ICI Bank, and Stripe, integrating Stellar for real user case scenarios is as easy as it gets. 

And with actual usage, a cryptocurrency’s value increase. Come 2020, and with these major brands plans to use Stellar, you can expect a massive price surge for the coin!


Making use of Ethereum’s plasma innovation, OmiseGO promises impressive scalability that will result in both profitable and real-world usage returns!

Technically speaking, OmiseGO promises to be a speedier and more-efficient ETH-like platform by bypassing the conventional root chain confirmations that ETH does. Think of it this way: it’s like a smart contract in a smart contract, that does the necessary confirmations for you to make things happen!

Primarily focusing on creating an open network (or, a way for the unbanked to have access to a legit and fair banking system), OmiseGO’s grassroot approach does seem to be promising. After all, isn’t this what cryptocurrencies are for – an equal approach that traditional banking systems can’t seem to provide?

So, how does OmiseGO provide the unbanked a stand in this world we live in today? Simple – this coin was designed to be staked. With staking as the main push of the coin, everyone gets a fair and fairly easier chance to get into the many features this coin and network can provide. 

Recognized even by ETH’s Vitalik Buterin, OmiseGO seems to be done with making some major platform developments in 2019. This just means that 2020 offers many great opportunities for the coin. Not to mention, OmiseGO has already partnered with several startups for adoption. The biggest and probably most exciting tie-up this coin has is with Burger King Thailand – isn’t that more than enough reason to invest in this coin?


Proving that coins that pattern itself and/compete against the ETH platform as good investment options, Tezos steps up the game by going for massive reach through smart contracts and decentralized apps this 2020!

Although facing numerous setbacks during its launch, this cryptocurrency slowly picked up the pace until making the necessary development (and internal) changes to propel the coin forward. And these changes paid off, with the coin expected to make an impact this coming year.

What investors are excited about with this coin is the self-amending feature. With the ledger constantly updated through a quick and innovative stakeholders voting feature, what we have here is a streamlined and even-more transparent take on blockchain tech. And with big names placing their trust in this coin (the Winklevoss twins, among many), it may be a good sign for you to start HODLing some Tezos today!


You know that you’re investing in something amazing if the coin is dubbed as something better than Ethereum! Named as the Chinese ethereum, NEO has gone through outstanding growth ever since it’s launch, mainly because of the strong support garnered by its country of origin.

Headlined by a mix of talented blockchain experts and enthusiasts, some of NEO’s main unique selling points would be that it coins cannot be divided and that developers planning to create decentralized apps on the platform can use a plethora of coding languages!

Additionally, and given the open and smart company that this coin’s constantly building, NEO is always considered as one of the best cryptocurrencies that any investor definitely needs to stake on. Given the solid foundation, staking promises great rewards for those placing its trust on this coin.

Given the adoption of the Chinese government (and the technical growth of the coin itself), the smart economy that NEO is building brings promising ROIs for the coming year!


Here’s an interesting cryptocurrency concept worthy for more people to invest in! As the world’s first coin to integrate the power of crypto-backed loans, NEXO’s foray as a pioneer in this industry gives it a strong investment foothold.

What makes NEXO such a promising coin is the dividends it provides. Simply HODLing on some NEXO tokens grants you to earn more annually. And NEXO does this in such a way that ot rewards those who’s into the HODLing for a longer period of time. The rewards system, which not only gives more value for investors, also helps in keeping NEXO a really stable coin (in terms of price fluctuations and the like!).

Additionally, NEXO’s push in creating a card that determines a credit limit on the crypto that a user is HODLing provides a great opportunity for more people to grasp how rewarding cryptocurrencies are. By building a platform that utilizes a new form of banking as well, you can be sure that 2020 is the year the NEXO makes a massive push!


Highlighting privacy and anonymity, Monero’s strong user case makes it a cryptocurrency worthy for investment. Considering the many scenarios that anonymity brings to the plate, this coin definitely has a large user base waiting in anticipation on how this crypto can best be utilized.

And i really does not come as a surprise that Monero developers do have a lot of amazing projects in store this coming year. With projects like stealth addresses and Ring signatures being constantly developed, this active platform is making waves in creating something solid and viable for all! As a result, expect massive ROI for this coin!


Focusing on enterprise usage, VeChain’s aim to help all sorts of industries offers both promising ROI and massive adoption potential.

Initially meant to focus on IoT for supply chain usage, VeChain’s pivot to help other industries allows it to scale even further. As such, scalability is indeed strong in this coin, given its easy integration and actual usage!

What makes this a solid coin is that it is fairly easy to deploy. Capable to be integrated in all sorts of industries, the real case scenarios that this coin can address makes it a viable coin to invest in. Additionally, VeChain’s network integration also seamlesly connects to other technology and business partners.

This just means that those who make use of the coin does stand to gain much ground in expanding their business. Considering that VeChain also makes use of Proof of Stake, you can bet that this coin’s price is not only stable – it has a high possibility to grow at a constant rate, given its ready-to-be-adopted possibilities!

Considering as well Tim Draper is all-in with VeChain, then you can be pretty sure that this coin is a choice investment!


And there we have it – these recommendations will hopefully bring in some impressive ROI for your efforts. The list above focuses on not only the monetary value of the cryptocurrency – real-world usage are placed in the mix, to see how a particular coin will integrate in actual industries and the like.

Also, we’d like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that when investing in cryptocurrencies, always go for some safe crypto storage practices. When purchasing crypto, make sure that the exchange you’re trading for some coins is of a secure platform. Additionally, consider the wallets you plan to store your coins. You never want to be locked out of your wallet – worse, lose the actual device you store your coins!

Lastly, diversify! Never ever have all of your eggs in a single basket! As it is good practice to have several secure wallets to store your coins, go for a diverse portfolio of different cryptocurrencies as well!

We hope 2020’s going to be a blast for you! Any cryptocurrencies in the list you’ll heavily HODL? Let us know below!

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