Crypto and Blockchain Jobs In The US increased by 300%

According to Forbes, the number of jobs in the blockchain and crypto industries has increased 300% over the last 12 months in the US. The reasons for this are the boom in the local labor market and the great interest in Bitcoin & Co. last year.

A total of 7.14 million unfilled vacancies were created in the US in August this year alone. This is a record number that has led to strong growth, including crypto and blockchain jobs. Glassdoor’s economic research blog posted that there were 1,775 new blockchain sites in its US database in August alone. The company’s database contains millions of vacancies. At the beginning of the year there were only 693 new jobs and at the same time last year only 446 jobs.

The blockchain market is developing

On the basis of these data, a clear growth on the crypto market can be seen. The rather bad year for the prices of many cryptocurrencies thus had no impact on the job market in the industry – quite the opposite. Over the last few months, a lot of new partnerships, investments, grants, startups and much more have been developed around cryptocurrency.

For example, the Ethereum Foundation, along with a group of other funders, plans to donate a total of $ 100 million to businesses and projects that have made a positive contribution to the further development of Ethereum Blockchain. This should improve the blockchain, which in turn opens the possibility of new jobs. An improvement in the general economic situation in the country may also lead to an increase in the purchase of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Which positions are offered?

Glassdoor also reports that Blockchain is primarily looking for engineering and engineering professionals. The highest demand is therefore clearly for developers, these bodies account for 19 percent of the tenders. Frontend engineers and other more specialized workers are the second most sought after. All in all, it is very clear what Blockchains is in demand: Engineers and employees with knowledge of engineering and science make up a total of 55% of all tenders.

However, this does not mean that only workers with technical skills are in demand because research has shown that the bigger the company, the more need for jobs in other areas – for example in business, finance or marketing. The companies that hold the most crypto and blockchain vacancies include IBM and the blockchain company ConsenSys, which is led by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. Taken together, both companies offer a staggering 12% of vacancies.

Above-average pay for blockchain jobs

On average, employees at Blockchain jobs earn almost $ 85,000 a year, according to Forbes. Thus, 62% of it is above the average salary in the US, which is about 52,664 US dollars, the magazine continues. Glassdoor’s highest pay for blockchain jobs was $ 223,667 a year. Many of the companies that are most active in the job market are startups. So Coinbase, Figure and Kraken are looking for a new generation of workers. But trading platforms and brokers such as our test winner eToro [insert internal eToro review page] are also benefiting from the boom in the crypto labor market, potentially offering potentially attractive and well paid jobs to interested employees.

The fast growth in the crypto market in the future

While it is not certain that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will prove successful in the long term, the Forbes report argues that the labor market is well prepared to “continue its rapid growth in the near future”.

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