Coinbase Takes Big Steps

The San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase has introduced a new currency conversion service, as announced in an official announcement on 17 December.

Since 10 December, Coinbase has introduced new offers as part of its “12 Days of Coinbase” advertising campaign, based on the Christmas song “12 Days of Christmas”. On December 14, as previously reported, a feature was introduced that allows customers to transfer Fiat credit to their PayPal wallets. However, this service will initially only be available to customers in the United States, and will later be expanded to other countries.

PayPal was already integrated into Coinbase in 2016, when the crypto exchange wanted to offer a payment option in addition to the usual credit cards. At that time, Coinbase users could transfer their credit to a PayPal account. However, the service was discontinued in February 2018 due to technical difficulties.

In addition to introducing new services and features, non-profit projects and educational initiatives were also included in Coinbase’s advertising campaign.

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