How to Buy Bitcoin – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Since 2012, the Bitcoin course has been on a fast-paced rally, and setbacks caused by hacker attacks have not changed this. Anyone who bought Bitcoins a few years ago for a few hundred euros is now a millionaire. But how can you as an investor actually invest in Bitcoin and where can you Buy Bitcoin? The best answers can be found here.


Bitcoin is the best-known cryptocurrency and still by far the most important among investors. In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin is clearly ahead of the competition, and no other cryptocurrency can hold its own against Bitcoin in terms of performance. In 2016 alone, the Bitcoin exchange rate climbed by more than 126 percent, and in 2017 the Bitcoin reached new highs of around 20,000 US dollars. Some analysts predict that the Bitcoin price will rise to 500,000 dollars and more, while critics call Bitcoin “hot air”.


If, in addition to your performance, your anonymity when buying Bitcoin is also important to you, there is no way around “real” Bitcoins. If you have decided to buy Bitcoins as “coins” or as “digital money”, the possession of a wallet is a basic requirement. This electronic wallet resembles a current account, you can use it to transfer money and receive or send Bitcoins.

The transfer of Bitcoins is basically no different from a bank transfer; instead of an account number, only a receiving address is spoken of. Because the digital currency is sent directly from person to person without an intermediate instance, the fees are lower than with banks.

If Bitcoins are purchased on several portals, all Bitcoins can be combined in a single Bitcoin Wallet. A Bitcoin Wallet on the smartphone is suitable for everyday use, but a Wallet is also possible only for online payments on the PC or Tablet. After downloading and installing a Bitcoin Wallet, it should be secured with a strong password, a so-called passphrase. In future, this access code must be entered before each transaction.