Best Dividend Paying Coins in 2020

High dividend shares are popular among investors and now that is the same case for Cryptocurrency investors. But why is that? What are dividends? By definition, a dividend is an annual distribution of profits from a corporation to its shareholders. This means that every year companies distribute a portion of their profits to their shareholders. The amount of the dividend is decided at the general meeting. One day later, the dividend is usually distributed to the investors. Some companies pay dividends out daily and others annually. The most I have listed below pay it out daily, weekly or monthly.

1. KuCoinShares (KCS) – Get KuCoinShares

kucoin shares

KuCoinShares (KCS) is the native token of the Bitcoin Exchange platform KuCoin. The Exchange launched in 2017 and since then has been continuously developed to become the Top Bitcoin Exchange. What are the benefits of buying and holding KCS? The biggest advantage of KCS is, that you get every day even more KCS for holding KCS in your KuCoin wallet. How much KCS? That depends on the amount of KuCoinShare coins you hold and the daily trading volume. Let´s make a short calculation: You have 10.000 KCS in your KuCoin wallet. The daily trading volume is $60 million. The formula for this: 24h TransactionVolume * 0.001 * 50% * (YourHoldings/100000000). So you would get 0.91 KCS/daily.

Per Day0.91150
Per Week6.38053
Per Month28.3
Per Year332.7

KuCoinShares Dividend Calculator

KuCoin Exchange Review

2. NEO – Get NEO

neo coin

The NEO coin is often referred to as the Chinese Ethereum. The reason for this is the similarity to Ethereum. NEO is the first decentralized, open-source Cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform that was introduced in China. For every NEO you hold you get paid dividends in the form of Gas. The more people use the NEO platform, increases the GAS payout for every NEO holder.

You can Buy NEO on KuCoin and hold it in their wallet as well, you will get the GAS reward on a daily basis. Pretty neat, isn´t it?

Per Day0.29320.9705
Per Week2.0524
Per Month9.0890
Per Year107.0354.2

NEO Dividend Calculator

3. Nash Coin – Get Nash

nash coin

Nash Coin is the native token of the upcoming Exchange called Nash. It is actually not released, but the exchange was open for beta testers. At the moment they run a giveaway to get up-to 15.000 Nash coins (=worth $30.000), the total giveaway pool holds $100.000 worth of Bitcoins and 46.000 Nash tokens (now they trade it about $2, imagine the price once the exchange is released).

Nash Dividend Calculator

4. Nexo – Get Nexo

nexo coin

Nexo offers clients instant loans for their Crypto assets. In this way, clients can keep their assets for the long term, but still keep them profitable for various purposes, such as buying a car, a wedding, a house, etc. in the short to medium term. You can Buy Nexo here and send them over to Nexo´s official site and you have to keep it there in order to receive Nexo dividends. They announce it, if and when tΩhey pay dividends for their Nexo coin holders. They share 30% of their profit with the Nexo coin holders. They already paid out dividends once. As soon as they are ready to pay dividends, the Nexo team announces that, most time here and through the mail.

Nexo Dividend Calculator

5. OmiseGO (OMG) – Get OmiseGo


The startup was founded in 2013 and currently operates in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. OmiseGo´s main aim is to simplify payment system management and control between payment processors, gateways and financial institutions. Currently, so so many people live without a bank account and OmiseGo wants to get a foothold here and allocate an OmiseGo account to these amounts of people and through the transactions, on the OmiseGo network, the investors with a minimum amount of OMG tokens get a percentage of the profit. Here is a more and better-detailed explanation of how OmiseGo might do this. Good thing for us, at the moment the price for OmiseGo is super cheap (~ $ 2).

OmiseGo Dividend Calculator

Even though you can hold for example NEO on Binance and KuCoin to get dividends paid out, I don not recommend that. In the past, we have seen many times that big and small exchanges got hacked. So please be very careful where and which amount of coins you hold.

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  1. Check out IDEX exchange for staking rewards. Rewards are paid out in ethereum not IDEX (Exchange native token) so it’s not inflationary.

    ROI is dependant on exchange volume but at the moment staking rewards are better than any of the above projects.


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