Bakkt Soon Online With Bitcoin?

The newly planned crypto platform Bakkt could be rumored to be approved by the US regulators. Information was given to the tech magazine “The Block” on 25 October by an anonymous source, which also called directly with DV Trading from Chicago a first “confirmed” dealer on Bakkt.

Thus, the start of a physically covered trading platform for institutional investors is getting closer and closer. If the US authorities actually approve Bakkt next week, trading on the platform could start in the first week of November.

For many investors, Bakkt is the hot topic of the hour and the linchpin for the start of a final year rally. Not for nothing, as the platform opens the doors to the crypto world for the first time to large institutional investors. With major universities like MIT and Harvard also actively plunging into the crypto market, Bitcoin buying with the launch of Bakkt is likely to be on the November to-do list of many institutional investors.

If you believe the speculator, a price of less than $ 7,000 for Bitcoin could be a thing of the past from the beginning of 2019.

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