Aphelion Exchange and Dividends

Aphelion is a fast-growing decentralized exchange platform that is relatively new. The DEX was officially launched on Oct 10th, 2018 and has already a trading volume of over $ 100 thousand over a 24-hour period.

Aphelion Coin (for Dividends)

The amount of the daily dividend depends on:

  • the number of Aphelion owned
  • the number of Aphelion commited
  • the trading volume handled by the Aphelion Exchange

Just take a look at the table below … the numbers speak for themselves.

Staking Table taken from Aphelion Telegram

…impressive, right?

And this gem coin is just totally under the radar of most traders.                      You might say, why? Because the price per token is just at $0,057.                  1.000 APH = $ 57 … freaking $57, as soon as they reach the volume of IDEX you could earn a passive income of $9 with your $57 investment and your RoI is back in about 6 months, but the price per APH Token should skyrocket.

By the way, their ICO price : 0.2000 USD

How do I buy Aphelion Coins?

  1. Buy Bitcoin or Ether. Recommended on Coinbase. You can omit this step if you already have Bitcoin or Ether.
  2. Open account on Kucoin Exchange
  3. Transfer BTC or ETH to Kucoin Exchange
  4. In the ‘Markets’ area search for the line APH / BTC or APH / ETH
  5. Move your mouse over the ‘Buy’ link and enter the desired amount in the order form, set the market price and click on ‘Buy’

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