99 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Rise!

Will the Bitcoin rise or fall? A simple question to which there is unfortunately no simple answer. Nevertheless, as crypto fans we have decided to consider 99 reasons for a long-term price increase of the Bitcoin.

Please consider the points listed on this website as our personal opinion and do not use them as a kind of recommendation to buy. At Worth of Crypto we believe in the principle of a decentralized payment system and of course we want the Bitcoin to be at an all-time high.

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We hope you enjoy reading our 99 arguments for the Bitcoin. By the way, if you completely disagree, you can also use our comment function. We look forward to exciting discussions.

1.Best known brand

The Bitcoin is the best known of all cryptocurrencies. If one would ask 100 people on the street for a cryptocurrency, surely 99% would call the Bitcoin first.

2.21 million limit

There can be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins. The shortage always leads to an increase in prices as demand rises. At the same time the fixed amount protects the cryptocurrency Bitcoin against inflation as we know it from the Fiat system.

3.First mover

As the first argument for a long-term price increase and a positive future for Bitcoin, we cite the “deadline mover” characteristic. Bitcoin is and was the first cryptocurrency of its kind. Bitcoin has massive know-how due to its lead in popularity and numerous technical updates.

4.Large community

Bitcoin is not just a payment system. For many people it stands for independence and freedom. Over the years, a large community and fan community has formed around Bitcoin. For many people, its intrinsic value lies in its usefulness as a genuine decentralised alternative to gold or fiat currency.

5.Massive ecosystem

The Bitcoin is now not only a simple cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin is regarded as the leading currency for a billion-dollar industry in the area of trading centers, casinos, and marketplaces. No digital and decentralized means of payment has such a high level of acceptance as the Bitcoin.

6.Cannot be switched off

A government can prohibit the Bitcoin, but the system of the central blockchain cannot really be switched off. As long as a computer in the world is connected to the Internet, the blockchain can continue to work. Platforms like LocalBitcoin make trading Bitcoin possible from person to person even without a trading place. A ban on cryptocurrency is usually only a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable.

7.Bitcoin becomes anonymous again

The Bitcoin is also developing further. Shift technologies and Lightning Network make the Bitcoin an anonymous payment method again. Thus Bitcoin becomes interesting again for a large target group, which attaches great importance to anonymity. Many people love cash because of the anonymity it offers. Should the cash be further abolished, anonymous cryptocurrencies are a real alternative.

8.Largest Hashrate

No other payment cryptocurrencies have as much computing power as the Bitcoin network. The infrastructure required to operate the Bitcoin network requires several million dollars in electricity every day and several hundred million dollars in hardware. Many describe the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network as the intrinsic value of the system. Special Bitcoin miners (ASIC miners) were developed to calculate the blocks.

9.High innovation potential

In hardly any other cryptocurrency have there been so many updates and innovations in recent years as with the Bitcoin. New topics such as transaction speed, block size and anonymity are also further developed by a large community and the core developers. Bitcoin is not a static but a highly agile system.

10.Anyone can improve & further develop Bitcoin

The concept of Open Source allows anyone to download and improve the Bitcoin code. Due to this fact many bugs in the Bitcoin code have already been improved by the community. Through the democratic system, everyone can present his improved version of the Bitcoin and offer it to the community as an alternative. If the majority of miners install the update, it will be recognized.

11.Still high acceptance in Darknet

In its origins, Bitcoin was used as a means of payment in Darkweb. The Bitcoin still enjoys great popularity here. In the end it is not a glorious fact, but it is a real place of acceptance. Monero is very popular here, but as long as Bitcoin remains the leading currency, it is always changed back to Bitcoin.

12.Easy to use

Apps, apps and real stores. The Bitcoin is the easiest of all crypto currencies to handle. Many apps now make using the crypto currency easier than using online banking. With just a few clicks you can now create a wallet on your mobile phone or desktop PC. In addition exciting, the number of the new Wallet addresses in the Bitcoin network rises constantly. New users join the Bitcoin network every day and create wallets.

13.The payment providers are coming

BitPay and many other providers are pushing into the market of crypto payment. Not for long and a real-time exchange is integrated into normal cash register systems of the bar next door. Finally, Bitcoin can also be just a transit currency, meaning you pay with Bitcoin, but the seller will directly deposit the euro amount as a credit. Only one buyer has to be found for the Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s trading volume would make such an exchange possible today on a small scale.

14.Paypal, Amazon and Co.

So far of course all only rumors, but what if these providers one day accept the Bitcoin? With one blow the cryptocurrency would increase by a multiple of its value. First developments at these companies can already be guessed by various leaks and patents. Even if it may take a few more years, something will happen in this direction one day. We are very convinced of this.

15.The 2017 hype without institutional investors

In 2017 the Bitcoin experienced an absolute hype and reached an unprecedented value of almost 20,000 USD. Unfortunately in 2018 the Bitcoin fell again to below 3500 USD. What many don’t know, the big investors weren’t even there in 2017. As far too insecure, unregulated and without appropriate financial market instruments, the large institutional investors still held back massively. What will be more passive if that changes?


A platform of the really big players, Microsoft, New York Stock Exchange, Starbucks and Co. This platform promises trading and the connection of cryptocurrencies for trading. Bitcoin is also stored in this system as a means of payment. The industry is preparing for the digital age and cryptographic payment.

17.Bitcoin Futures

The introduction of further forward contracts for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin makes the Bitcoin even more exciting for the classic financial market. For example, forward contracts in Bitcoin can be used to settle various transactions based on Bitcoin without burdening the block chain.

18.Extremely many SHORT positions at present

If you are a bit involved with the stock market, you know that a SHORT position (bet against the market) must also be liquidated at some point. At the moment there are as many bets as there haven’t been in Bitcoin for a long time. At the time a short position is dissolved, the trader must buy the Bitcoin at the current price.

If many SHORT positions are dissolved at the same time, this can lead to a massive price increase of the Bitcoin. This process is called Short Squeeze and is expected by many observers already longer with the Bitcoin.

19.Smart Contracts also with Bitcoin

The first tests for the implementation of Smart Contracts on the Bitcoin Blockchain are already underway. Such technology would further enhance the Bitcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies. Smart Contracts are automatically executed programming that can be fed into the blockchain in connection with a transaction in the blockchain. Once fed into the blockchain, the process can no longer be changed and can be used for all

20.Lightning Network as Off-Chain Solution

A major criticism of Bitcoin is still the issue of scaling. Every transaction, however small, has to be written into the blockchain. At the moment it is, so you would go to a notary to buy chewing gum. In the future the problem should be solved by so-called off-chain solutions. With the Lightning Network, both parties simply book a certain amount out of the block chain. Now both parties can carry out as many transactions back and forth as they like. At the end of a specified period, each party posts their new cash balance back to the blockchain. The individual transaction no longer plays a role, only the balance is important.

21.The blockchain is still at the beginning

Step by step, the industry is now discovering the topic of blockchain for itself. The more participants in the industry, economy and politics have understood the topic decentralization and Blockchain, the clearer also the use and the function mode of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin will become. So far, the complete concept of such a system is far too abstract for many market participants. If at some point the first processes in a company also run on a blockchain, the idea of a decentralised currency based on the blockchain is no longer so absurd.

22.A lot more flexible than gold

For many people, Bitcoin is not necessarily the means of payment of the future. Many people see Bitcoin more as a kind of value store, e.g: Gold. In direct comparison, however, Bitcoin has some advantages over the precious metal gold. It is divisible at most and can be reassembled without loss. It can be transported around the world within a few seconds. It is cheaper to store and transport.

23.Future virtual reality

The subject of VR (virtual reality) is unstoppable. More and more living rooms are being equipped with VR glasses and it is hard to imagine industry without them. The transfer of values will also take place in virtual spaces. Many see here the Bitcoin or a comparable crypto currency as means of payment of the first choice.

Even if it is not the Bitcoin itself, as long as the Bitcoin remains a kind of lead currency, it will also be affected.

24.Past burglaries

The Bitcoin has already suffered massive price drops in the past. Year after year, the Bitcoin is declared dead by “experts” and remains so. As with every innovation, so-called hypes arise in the market from time to time, which then correct again from time to time. In the long run, an understanding of the technology and its benefits must develop. With certainty, the Bitcoin price will then also become more stable in one way or another.

25.Low transaction fees

Let’s get back to something trivial. The transmission of values amounting to several million dollars with the Bitcoin network costs only a few euros. Comparable transactions would not only become significantly more expensive with the classic banking system, but would also take significantly longer. This is especially true for international transfers.

26.Increasing acceptance

More and more offline and online shops accept Bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment. In the first cantons in Switzerland or in a federal state in the USA, you can already pay your taxes with Bitcoin. As soon as the number of acceptance points reaches a critical mass, the Bitcoin will surely continue to rise.

27.Bitcoin is legal in most countries

Even if you keep hearing bad news about the Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is legal in most countries and is not subject to a ban by the authorities. This signal clearly shows that Bitcoin is understood as a digital revolution and at least accepted by most governments. Acceptance is the first step, now integration can follow.

28.Bitcoin is forgery-proof

Whenever really important transactions are involved, the Bitcoin could come into play. The Bitcoin technology is counterfeit-proof so far. I recently read a very good quote: “The Internet has changed the way we handle information, the blockchain changes the way we trust.

29.No personal data

A transaction in the Bitcoin network only exchanges value date information. No personal data is exchanged within the transaction. This system is designed to protect the privacy of buyers and sellers.

30.Globally accessible

You have worldwide access to your values via Internet access. Thanks to the decentralised blockchain and the concept of public and private key, a piece of paper in your trouser pocket with your key is theoretically sufficient to access your assets. No government or bank can freeze or confiscate these assets. No matter where you are in the world, as long as someone accepts Bitcoin you can make payments with it.

31.Pay with credit card in Bitcoin

More and more providers are offering credit cards with Bitcoin or crypto coverage. The amount is charged at the current exchange rate by your Bitcoin Wallet at the merchant and you pay directly with Bitcoin at any merchant. The merchant will then receive the money in his specific local currency. Thanks to this concept, Bitcoin already has millions of points of acceptance.

32.Especially good for crowdfunding

The concept of crowdfunding has become even more popular with the advent of the Internet. It has never been easier to collect large sums through many small payments from a community. Bitcoin is particularly suitable for such crowdfunding because of its low fees and fast transaction speed.

33.Arbitration boards through multisignature

Bitcoin can be used to develop innovative dispute resolution services using multiple signatures. Such services allow a third party to confirm or reject a transaction in the event of a disagreement between the other parties without having control over the money. Since such services would be compatible with any user and merchant using Bitcoin, this would likely lead to free competition and higher quality standards.

34.Multisignature Accounts

Multisignatures allow a transaction to be accepted by the network only if a certain number of persons in a defined group sign the transaction. This could be used by a board of directors to prevent individual members from spending portions of the assets without the consent of the other members. Banks can also prevent theft by blocking payments above a certain limit if the user does not provide additional legitimation.

35.Trust and Integrity

Bitcoin offers solutions to many trust issues that plague banks. With selective accounting transparency, digital contracts and irreversible transactions, Bitcoin can be the foundation for regaining trust and understanding. Corrupt banks cannot outwit the system to make profit at the expense of other banks and the public. A future in which leading banks support Bitcoin could help restore integrity and trust in financial institutions.

36.Resilience and decentralization

Through decentralisation, Bitcoin has created a different type of payment network with increased stability and redundancy. Bitcoin can handle millions of Euros of transactions without the need for military protection. Without a central vulnerability such as a data center, attacking the network is a very difficult undertaking. Bitcoin could be an interesting step forward in securing local and global financial systems.

37.Flexible Transparency

All Bitcoin transactions are public and transparent. The identity of the persons behind a payment is usually not. This allows individuals and organizations to work with flexible transparency rules. For example, a company can make certain transactions and account balances visible only to certain employees. Similarly, a non-profit organisation could make public how much it receives each day and month.

38.Automated solutions

Automated services typically have to deal with the costs and limitations of cash or credit card payments. This includes all possible types of vending machines such as ticket and beverage machines. Bitcoin is designed to be used in a new generation of automated services and to reduce their operating costs. Imagine self-propelled taxis or a shop where you can pay for your purchases without queuing. Many ideas are possible.

39.Choose the fees yourself

There is no fee for receiving Bitcoins and many wallets give you control over the amount of the fee when sending Bitcoins. Most wallets have a reasonable standard fee, but higher fees make faster confirmation of your transaction more likely. Since fees do not depend on the amount sent, 100,000 Bitcoins can be sent for the same fee as 1 Bitcoin.

40.Protection against fraud

Any company that accepts credit cards or PayPal knows the problem with payments that are later reversed. Reversal fraud leads to limited market reach and higher prices, which in turn penalizes customers. Bitcoin payments are irreversible and secure, meaning that fraud costs are no longer on the merchants’ shoulders.

41.Fast international payments

Sending Bitcoins across borders is as easy as sending them from one side of the road to the other. There are no banks to keep you waiting three working days, no additional charges for international payments and no restrictions on the minimum or maximum amount that can be shipped.

42.No PCI compliance required

For credit card payments to be accepted online, comprehensive security checks are usually required to comply with the PCI standard. Bitcoin requires that you secure your payment request and wallet. However, you do not bear the cost and responsibility of processing sensitive information from your customers, such as credit card numbers.

43.Transparent account management for companies

Many companies need to keep accounting records for their account activities. Bitcoin offers you the highest level of transparency in this respect, as you can provide information through the blockchain that your users can use to check account balances and transactions. For example, non-profit organisations can allow the public to see the amount of donations received.

44.Mobile payment made easy

Bitcoin on mobile devices allows you to pay in two simple steps: scan and pay. You do not need to register, insert a card, enter a PIN or sign anything. And to receive Bitcoin payments, all you have to do is display the QR code in your Bitcoin Wallet app and let the other party scan it, or hold the two phones together (to use NFC technology).

45.Security and control over your money

Bitcoin transactions are secured by military-level cryptography. No one can make a payment or collect money on their behalf. As long as you follow the necessary steps to secure your wallet, Bitcoin can offer you control over your money and a high level of security against many types of fraud.

46.Many Third-Party APIs

There are many third-party payment processing providers that provide APIs. You don’t need to store Bitcoins on your server and take care of the associated security precautions. Most of these APIs also allow you to process invoices and exchange your Bitcoins into your local currency at a competitive cost. This aspect is particularly exciting as Bitcoin evolves.

47.Bitcoin addresses for tracking bills

Bitcoin generates a unique address for each transaction. If you want to create a billing payment system, you only need to generate and monitor a Bitcoin address for each payment (you should never use the same address for more than one transaction). Such a system is very useful for companies and institutions.

48.The number of transactions has been increasing for years

The number of transactions in the Bitcoin network has been increasing for years. The number of transactions is regarded as an extremely important indicator for the use of the network and thus also for a price development. The more Bitcoin is used, the more likely it is that demand will increase in the future. As demand rises, so does the price.

49.The number of new Bitcoins is getting less and less

Every 200,000 blocks, the number of newly created Bitcoins in the form of block rewards is halved during mining. The fewer new bitcoins that come into the network, the more users have to trade the existing bitcoins. So far, mining providers, in particular, have been selling large sums of Bitcoin to large investors in so-called OTC (Over the Counter) deals. As soon as these investors have to buy their Bitcoins on the open market, the price will also rise.

50.Transaction value rises, but the price doesn’t?

Large sums of Bitcoin are currently being shifted in the blockchain, why don’t you see this development in the price? Many trades take place alongside the order books of the classic stock exchanges. In this way, large buyers protect themselves from a pump in the market. At some point, however, every transaction is reflected in the price. From our point of view, only a little patience is needed here. If the current purchases were made via regular stock exchanges, the Bitcoin would already be worth considerably more.

51.21 million Bitcoin is only a fiction, it is much less

There will be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoin at the end, but we already know today, this number is only theory. There are already more than one million Bitcoin lost forever. Reasons for this are lost keys or wallets where the owners may not be there for a long time. If you do not leave a private key to your heirs, the Bitcoins are irrevocably lost to their descendants.

52.Bitcoin is really decentralized

Even though we already had the point of decentralization, many cryptocurrencies are also “theoretically” decentralized, but are operated by only a few mining pools. The Bitcoin network is divided into several very large but also thousands of small mining pools. These pools can be viewed on Blockchain.com under Statistics. This kind of network has to build another cryptocurrency first.

53.High acceptance in third world countries

Even though we can hardly imagine it today. There are still many countries where, due to corruption, war and lack of structures, there is neither cash nor a functioning banking system. In these countries, Bitcoin is already the only secure way to buy goods or services. Even if these people often have no food or clean drinking water, internet access or a smartphone is still available, even if in groups.

54.Bitcoin is not as unecological as many claim

It’s true, the proof of work uses a lot of energy. So far, a lot of nuclear energy has been used here in China. However, more and more ecological concepts in the field of renewable energies are gaining ground. More and more Bitcoin mining plants are located next to water or wind power plants and use only the surplus energy. In addition, more and more concepts are being developed for using the waste heat from ASIC miners.

55.The public is now sensitised

Compared to 2016, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin now has a significantly higher social penetration. Many people today know that the Bitcoin exists and the number of fans increases daily. A broad understanding of the technology and a high level of awareness increases the value of the Bitcoin in the long term.

56.Example Rolex

Rolex is considered one of the world’s best-known brands. Everywhere in the world you get a reasonable deposit for a real Rolex watch when you go to a pawn shop. The Bitcoin is actually very similar now. The advantage is that you can also redeem half a Bitcoin, which is more difficult with half a Rolex.

57.Bitcoin ETF 2019?

Many are eagerly awaiting the Bitcoin ETF in 2019. What exactly does this ETF mean for the price? The ETF enables large investors and institutions to invest in Bitcoin on a regulated marketplace with classic financial instruments. An ETF gives investors more control and security.

However, the requirements for this are a 1:1 coverage of the certificates in Bitcoin. For this a large amount of Bitcoin must be bought and held. This circumstance could lead to a massive price increase and then to high price stability. For this, however, proof of a secure market and secure storage of the Bitcoin must be provided.

58.Many SCAM Coins will soon die

In the Hype 2017 unfortunately also many SCAM or fraud Coins developed. Here projects were started with fraudulent intent. Many of these projects claimed to be better than the Bitcoin. The end of the song, many investors have lost a lot of money and thus confidence in the crypto market. If the capital of the investors shifts again on some few respectable projects like e.g.: the Bitcoin, also that will result in a massive price rise.

59.Serious rating agencies at ICOs

Due to many SCAMS in the ICO market, more and more rating agencies and portals are emerging that rate ICOs. Also the ICO market could become exciting again in the next years. For fraudsters, however, it will be much more difficult than in the past. With growing confidence in ICOs, the lead currency Bitcoin will again record an increase in demand. Investors in ICOs invest in business ideas and generally use Bitcoin or Ethereum for this purpose.

60.Bitcoin has a living history

Even if these values cannot always be quantified in a price. Hardly any means of payment has stories like “the most expensive pizza in the world” or “the family that sold everything for Bitcoin” or “the man who searched his hard drive for years on the rubbish dump”. Such stories bring Bitcoin to life. Here, too, there is a certain value, even if only an entertainment value. The more stories this exciting new currency writes, the better known it becomes.

61.The number of lecturers and experts is growing

Every technology, every industry has an ambassador or even its stars. The Bitcoin universe also produces new heroes. Some become known through quick wealth, some through clever decisions. New speakers and coaches are created daily in the crypto market. Even if there are big differences in competence and therefore in quality, this is a clear sign of a growing market.

62.More and more attention in the media

Only a few years ago the Bitcoin was mentioned in a marginal article of a Teck magazine. Today there are already whole magazines and special editions of renowned publishers around the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Also in large Mainstream portals or in Radiosenders soon daily of the Bitcoin one reports. The Bitcoin is to be thought from the modern medium landscape hardly still away.

63.Bitcoin becomes socially acceptable

Who spoke a few years ago about the Bitcoin, brought at the latest in the second sentence the topic drugs and Darknet into play. Today this topic does not seem to be in the focus anymore. The negative dogma was replaced by the enthusiasm of the Blockchain technology. One can therefore really say that the Bitcoin has become socially acceptable. An important step towards positive pricing.

64.Monero assumes the thankless role of Bitcoin in the darkweb

The Bitcoin is still accepted as a means of payment in the darkweb, but Monero is slowly but surely replacing the Bitcoin. Due to Monero’s significantly higher degree of anonymity, many users switch to Monero. This process further improves the image of the Bitcoin, but has hardly any negative effect on its price. Many users buy Monero through Bitcoin, which they have to buy with Fiat money beforehand.

65.Bitcoin SEPA-compatible through provider

Through the latest providers, even payment to SEPA addresses based on a Bitcoin Wallet is possible. This and other integrations of Bitcoin into classical payment streams lead to a higher usability of Bitcoin and therefore probably to a price increase.

66.Introduction of savings plans makes investment easier

Platforms such as Blockchain.com now offer the possibility to set up a kind of savings plan by depositing the credit card. A fixed amount is invested monthly in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. The more people set up such a savings plan, the more stable the demand side of Bitcoin and thus the price will be.

67.Trust in traditional banks declines

Year on year the negative reports from the classic banking system are increasing. Over the years, banks have become large, cumbersome and difficult to control organizations. The first banks have not only stumbled in the great banking crisis, but have even gone bankrupt completely. “To Big to Fail” is no longer the case in times of leverage products that destroy billions in seconds. Society’s tolerance also has its limits. More and more people want independence from the classical banking system.

68.Even the national currencies are no longer safe.

First national currencies lose their value due to recession, war or political sanctions. Often the way out into the Bitcoin is a quick solution for people. In 2018, Turkey even had a short onslaught on the Bitcoin trading centres.

69.Countries can also go broke

To stick to the topic, Greece and Italy have also painfully reminded us of billions of loans in 2018. Some countries seem to work better economically in the euro zone than others. People in the countries in question often have nothing left but to flee to the Bitcoin.

70.The desire for quick wealth

Even though the Bitcoin caused high losses for many people in 2018, many also won. The dream of fast wealth by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is for many still for a long time not dreamed out. So there will be also in the coming year many luck knights, who enter with the first price rise. As long as there are these humans, also the Bitcoin will rise again.

71.Big Market Gambling

In the crypto market there is a large gambling community. Meanwhile Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin games enjoy great popularity. These systems are gaining more and more volume compared to classic portals in the industry. This aspect could also affect the Bitcoin price in the future.

72.Google search volume increases (again)

Demand for Bitcoin peaked in 2017. “Buying Bitcoin” was sought more often than buying gold. A clear trend that unfortunately could not continue in 2018. At the end of 2018, however, something is beginning to happen again with the search volume. More and more inquiries around the Bitcoin can be seen at Google Trends.

73.Bitcoin tweets on the rise

Not only at Google but also at Twitter the number of contributions around the Bitcoin can be measured. The Bison App of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange even uses an intelligent keyword search to evaluate Twitter and thus forecast the price. You should definitely pay attention to these signals.

74.Bitcoin Cash is currently destroying itself

A serious competitor of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, unsettled the entire crypto industry with its Hard Fork towards the end of 2018 and caused itself serious damage. At the moment Bitcoin is profiting very much from this image loss. It will take a while for Bitcoin Cash to move seriously close to Bitcoin again.

75.Mining could become profitable again

Mining was not particularly profitable before 2017, but at least after a certain time, you could make a profit. This requires a stable price and a balanced growth of the hashrate. After the 2017 hype, this balance seems to be slowly returning. It is very important that mining is worthwhile for the miners again. Satisfied miners are important for security in Bitcoin’s decentralized network.

76.Mainstream media describe the Bitcoin as death

An old stock market saying says: “When everyone advises to buy, you should already be outside, when everyone goes outside, you should consider getting started”. In the past, the opinion of the mass media could confidently be dispensed with. As a rule, the reports were no more than scaremongering. But you could call the mainstream media a good contraindicator.

77.Large HODL community

Can the Bitcoin really go to 0? If you ask a HODLER, impossible! In the end, there’s a pretty big community behind the Bitcoin. HODL stands for holding and against all resistances holding the Bitcoins. These people don’t believe in the value of the Bitcoin from an exchange rate point of view, they see the intrinsic value in the Bitcoin itself.

78.China loosens first prohibitions

In China, trade with Bitcoin was partially completely banned. For some time now, the first arguments for a relaxation have been mounting. In the end, the system cannot be banned and criminalizing one’s own citizens cannot be the point. Surely there will soon be announcements about regulation.

79.Fiscal clarity at Bitcoin

Bitcoin and the taxes, until 2017 for many countries still a black box. The first laws and regulations have now been drawn up. With better clarity and regulations, nothing stands in the way of Bitcoin’s triumphal march. The first court rulings against BAFIN were also important signals to the industry. Nothing is more harmful to innovation than uncertainty.

80.First stable coins secure the market

The concept of the stable coin describes the technology of a cryptocurrency with a price fixed in advance. At first such concepts could be regarded as competition of the Bitcoin, in fact these coins only bring some peace into the otherwise so volatile crypto market.

81.The more volume the more stable

The higher the market capitalisation of Bitcoin, the more stable the price will be. It is therefore only a question of time and capital until the bitcoin also finds a stable price. Compared to the classic financial sector, the Bitcoin does not even exist yet. At the moment, the Bitcoin is worth less than the share value of McDonalds.

82.Bitcoin ATMs are set up worldwide

Currently, Bitcoin ATM machines are being installed worldwide. More and more companies are obtaining licenses and banks are also entering the business. In Germany, too, the first ATMs are already in operation. A first and important step for the free access to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

83.Mix financial products

More and more financial products with a focus on diversification are considering including Bitcoin as an asset. The more such products exist on the market and tie up a significant amount of Bitcoins, the scarcer the freely tradable Bitcoin becomes. Therefore, the price will rise at some point.

84.1,500 restaurants in Denmark accept Bitcoin

Hungry.dk, a Danish supplier for restaurants and wholesalers, has now returned Bitcoin as a means of payment. In 2017 hungry.dk had extended the Bitcoin again due to the scaling problems, now the customer is free to pay with Bitcoin again.

85.Stuttgart Stock Exchange and Solaris Bank launch Bitcoin exchange

The Stuttgart Stock Exchange launches Bitcoin trading with its own app and trading platform. The big players now interfere in the action. From our point of view, these are positive signals for a cryptocurrency that has been announced by the mass media.

86.Thomas Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors Forecasts $25,000

According to Lee, a fair price per Bitcoin is about 150,000 USD. The expert considers the Bitcoin to be completely undervalued at the moment.

87.Weiss Ratings sees next Bull Run coming

Weiss Ratings carries out recognised forecasts for equities, ETF and also for Bitcoin. The valuation and prognosis of these experts is given a lot in the financial sector. The Weiss team is positive about Bitcoin. A very good signal for the crypto industry and Bitcoin.

88.Rumours about price slump correctly interpret

Many miners have sold thousands of Bitcoins in recent weeks to buy new and better mining equipment. At the same time, the war between Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV also cost thousands of Bitcoin per day. The giants of the industry were playing their muscles regardless of losses. If this is indeed the reason for the price drop, a strong recovery is to be expected soon.

89.Bitcoin acceptance at Starbucks could trigger a revolution

Rumours about the acceptance of large companies have always inspired Bitcoin. This is also the case with the industry giant Starbucks. This is not only about the market power of the company. Starbucks is more about the lifestyle of the brand and how Bitcoin fits into it. The target group is perfect for Bitcoin and new digital payment systems. This is an enormous opportunity for Bitcoin’s image.
Source: blockchain-hero

90.What we learn from other markets

The DotCom bubble is often mentioned in connection with the crypto industry. Certainly in 2017 it was a kind of bubble. Simply because incomprehensible sums flowed into almost worthless coins and ICOs. At the end of every bubble there have been companies like Apple, Facebook or Amazon in recent years. By the way, there were similar bubbles in the early days of the automotive industry or in aircraft construction. The question is, will the Bitcoin be the Amazon of the crypto era?

91.BitPay-COO: Bitcoin could rise sharply by the end of 2019

The latest forecast by BitPay COO Sonny Singh points to a Bitcoin Rally until the end of 2019. Despite the recent downturn in crypto prices, he expects a large price movement next year. BitPay is a well-known and large payment provider in the crypto sector. Such a statement has great weight in the consideration of possible price developments.
Source: Finanzen.net

92.2020 the Bitcoin Halving

Currently, the blockchain generates 12.5 bitcoins every 10 minutes in the form of block rewards. From 2020, the amount of newly generated Bitcoin will be halved again. Many crypto fans expect a massive price increase of the crypto currency Bitcoin.

93.Bitcoin needed only 33 days in 2017 to rise to $20,000.

This fact is very exciting from different block angles. Considering the fact that many investors have not yet had access to the Bitcoin network or marketplaces, 33 days are already extremely fast. Today, with the same volume, the increase would probably take place within a few days. Large marketplaces such as Coinbase sometimes recorded 5000 new registrations per day. All these users are now in the system and could, in theory, buy immediately.

94.Study predicts 71,746 dollars for Bitcoin within 3 years

The research company Satis Group has published the results of a study which indicate that the Bitcoin price could rise extremely in the next few years. The report, by Sherwin Dowlat and Michael Hodapp, describes a detailed analysis of the crypto market and a derivation from discounted cash flow models.

95.eToro’s senior market analyst is bullish

“We may be on the verge of the biggest Bitcoin Bull Run in history.” – Here great hopes are placed on investment companies like Blackrock. Naturally such statements are to be enjoyed always with caution, in this contribution it is to go however in the positive signals.

96.Trader bets $8.5 million that Bitcoin will reach $280,000

One of the leading bookmakers, Tom Waterhouse, tweeted that a well-known crypto expert (who wants to remain anonymous) has requested a bet that by 2023 a Bitcoin will exceed the price of one Berkshire Hathaway share. The unknown expert thus gives a bullish forecast as the amount of the bet is 8.5 million dollars.

97.John McAfee maintains forecast for Bitcoin at $1 million by 2020

Despite the current bear market, John McAfee is sticking to his prediction that the price of a Bitcoin will exceed $1 million by (the end of) 2020. He recently confirmed this in an interview with Newsweek.

98.Cameron Winklevoss: Bitcoin could rise to 40 times its current value

The famous Bitcoin investor Cameron Winklevoss believes Bitcoins is more promising than gold and that the value of the cryptocurrency could multiply. “If the Bitcoin reaches a market capitalization of 100 billion dollars today, compared to 200 billion dollars a week earlier, then this is a buying opportunity. We see the potential for a 30 to 40-fold increase in value,” the investor told CNBC on 7th February.

99.Because of you

Because of you and millions of other faithful bitcoin HODLers.

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